Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about school admission:  

Q1. What classes is LGS offering admission in?

Answer: LGS is offering a limited number of seats in Pre-Nursery to class X. 

Q2. What is the age criteria for the admission?

Answer: Click here for age criteria 

Q3. What is the process for applying to LGS?

Answer: Prospective parents must complete and submit the online application form available on website with all the required documents to apply. Once the application is received, we will schedule an interview or entrance test, depending on the grade level.

Q4. What is the best time to apply?

Answer: As early as possible. Admissions are on a rolling basis; hence those who apply early will have a better chance of securing a seat at LGS. We tend to conduct the majority of our interviews by May & June. Limited seats are available after.

Q5. What is the acceptance rate at LGS?

Answer: We do not reveal the specific acceptance rate, but admissions at LGS are highly competitive.

Q6. How do we know if the online student admission form was submitted successfully? 

Answer: The applicant can determine if they have successfully submitted the online student admission form by looking for a confirmation email. Upon completing and submitting the form, the system will email to confirm the successful submission.

Q7. Is there an entrance test or interview required for admission?

Answer: Yes, we require all students to complete an entrance test and a parent interview before making an admission decision.

Q8. What are the criteria for admission tests and syllabi?

Answer: To assess an applicant’s proficiency in English, Urdu, and Mathematics at the previous grade level, the institution will conduct an admission test that follows a specific set of criteria and syllabi.

Q9: When will an applicant receive a call for an interview and written test after submitting the online student admission form?

Answer: Typically, applicants receive a notification within a week after submitting the online admission form.

Q10: What is the next step after receiving an admission offer?

Answer: After receiving an admission offer, an applicant will follow the instructions provided by the school, such as completing an acceptance form and paying a non-refundable admission fee.

Q11: When will the applicant clear the dues after accepting the admission offer?

Answer: The timeline for paying the admission fees and clearing the dues is within a week after accepting the admission offer. The school will provide the exact date and payment options.

Q12: When will the classes start after admission?

Answer: The school office will provide the start date and other important academic dates, such as holidays and examinations. 

Q13: How will the applicant be informed about the start date of classes?

Answer: The school will inform parents about the start date of classes through their official website or email. 

Q14: What if the deadline for the payment of the admission fee is missed?

Answer: Parents must contact the school’s admission office as soon as possible to discuss the options.

Q15: Will the school provide any orientation or training before classes start?

Answer: The school will have orientation meetings before classes start to familiarize the parents with the school’s policies, facilities, and academic programs. The exact details of these sessions will be communicated to parents by the school via email.

Q16. What is the average class size?

Answer: Our average class size is 24-28 students, depending on grade level.

Q17. Are siblings guaranteed admission?

Answer: Siblings are given a degree of preference, but admissions are contingent on performance in the interview and test.