Enrichment Programme

Welcome to the Enrichment Hub!

At our senior school, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel not only academically but also in various other facets of life. The Enrichment Hub is your gateway to a world of opportunities where students can explore their interests, showcase their talents, and engage in a vibrant school community.


Our school offers a diverse range of societies that cater to a wide array of interests. Whether you’re passionate about literature, technology, art, science, or planning, there’s a society for you. Join our societies to connect with like-minded peers and pursue your passions together.

Literary Society:

Members of the Literary Society engage in activities such as book discussions, poetry recitals, creative writing workshops, and literary competitions. These activities foster a love for reading and writing, nurturing students’ creative and analytical thinking.

Participation in the Literary Society not only enhances students’ language and communication skills but also provides a platform for them to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions through the written and spoken word. It encourages them to appreciate literature in all its forms, from classic novels to contemporary poetry.

The Literary Society at LGS promotes a culture of intellectual curiosity and self-expression. It empowers students to become confident communicators and critical thinkers while fostering a lifelong love for literature.

Tech Society:

Members of the Tech Society engage in activities such as coding workshops, robotics competitions, tech talks, and hackathons. These activities not only enhance students’ technical skills but also encourage them to think critically and problem-solve creatively. 

Participation in the Tech Society empowers students to embrace the digital age, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities in the tech industry. It fosters a culture of innovation, where students can develop and showcase their technological projects and ideas. 

The Tech Society at LGS plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world tech applications. It encourages students to stay updated with emerging technologies and inspires them to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Art Society:

Members of the Art Society engage in a wide range of activities, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design. They have opportunities to showcase their artwork, participate in art exhibitions, and collaborate on creative projects.

Participation in the Art Society fosters creativity, imagination, and self-expression among students. It encourages them to develop their artistic skills, experiment with different mediums, and find their unique artistic voices.

The Art Society at LGS plays a pivotal role in nurturing an appreciation for the arts and promoting a culture of creativity within the school community. It allows students to explore the visual arts as a means of communication and self-discovery.

Science Society

Members of the Science Society participate in activities such as science fairs, research projects, science talks, and laboratory experiments. These activities not only deepen students’ understanding of scientific concepts but also encourage them to ask questions, explore hypotheses, and conduct experiments. 

Participation in the Science Society fosters a love for science and nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It empowers students to embrace scientific inquiry and encourages them to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. 

The Science Society at LGS plays a vital role in connecting students with the broader scientific community, allowing them to learn from experts and engage in discussions about cutting-edge scientific developments.

Planning Society:

Members of the Planning Society actively participate in activities such as organizing school events, coordinating fundraisers, and planning community outreach programs. These experiences equip students with valuable skills in project management, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Participation in the Planning Society empowers students to take initiative, set goals, and execute plans effectively. It nurtures leadership qualities and encourages students to become responsible and organized individuals.

The Planning Society at LGS plays a crucial role in shaping students into future leaders and decision-makers. It provides them with practical experiences in planning and executing projects, events, and initiatives, which are valuable skills in both academic and professional settings.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Participants in the MUN program at LGS represent different countries and engage in debates and discussions on a wide range of global issues. They learn about international relations, research complex topics, and work together to find diplomatic solutions to real-world problems. 

MUN at LGS nurtures critical thinking, cultural awareness, and teamwork. It empowers students to understand the complexities of global politics and encourages them to become informed and responsible global citizens. 

The MUN experience at LGS is not only educational but also fosters lifelong skills that are valuable in academia, careers, and personal growth. It provides a platform for students to engage with global challenges and develop their leadership abilities.

Sports and Interhouse Competitions:

LGS offers a diverse range of sports, including cricket, football, basketball, Throwball, athletics, and more. Students actively participate in these sports, competing both within the school and against other institutions, showcasing their athletic talents and sportsmanship.

The Interhouse system adds an exciting dimension to these competitions. Students are divided into different houses, each with its unique identity and colors. Throughout the year, these houses engage in friendly competition, earning points in various events. This system not only encourages healthy rivalry but also fosters teamwork and pride in one’s house.

Sports and Interhouse Competitions at LGS contribute to students’ physical well-being, leadership development, and the creation of lasting memories. These activities instill values of discipline, dedication, and fair play, which are essential for personal growth both within and beyond the school environment.


Students actively participate in various dramatic productions, including plays, skits, and theatrical performances. These productions span a wide range of genres, from classic dramas to contemporary comedies, allowing students to experience diverse aspects of theater.

Participation in dramatics at LGS enhances students’ confidence, communication skills, and creativity. It provides opportunities for them to take on different roles, whether acting on stage, directing, scriptwriting, or contributing to set and costume design.

The dramatics program at LGS nurtures a love for the performing arts and encourages students to appreciate the power of storytelling. It also fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration, as students work together to bring stories to life on stage.


Students at LGS engage in various entrepreneurial activities, including business plan competitions, startup incubators, and entrepreneurship workshops. These experiences allow them to develop critical skills such as problem-solving, market analysis, and financial management.

Participation in entrepreneurial programs at LGS empowers students to think creatively, take risks, and work collaboratively. It encourages them to identify real-world problems and develop solutions, laying the foundation for future entrepreneurship endeavors.

The entrepreneurial experience at LGS not only prepares students for potential business ventures but also nurtures a mindset of innovation and adaptability that can benefit them in any career path they choose to pursue.

Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team at LGS is a group of dedicated students who take on leadership roles to contribute positively to the school community. This team plays a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive school environment.

Members of the Student Leadership Team are elected and appointed through a robust system to various positions such as Head Boy,Head Girl, House Captains ,class representatives, and leaders of specific clubs and societies. Their responsibilities include organizing events, representing student interests, and promoting school spirit.

The Student Leadership Team at LGS embodies qualities such as responsibility, communication, and teamwork. They serve as liaisons between students and school administration, ensuring that student voices are heard and their needs are addressed.

This team not only contributes to the smooth functioning of the school but also provides valuable leadership opportunities for students, helping them develop skills in decision-making, problem-solving, and public speaking. It fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among students for their school community.

In summary, the Student Leadership Team at LGS plays a vital role in student governance and school life, nurturing leadership skills and promoting a sense of community and shared responsibility among students.