At LGS- Preschool Section, we recognize the immense growth potential within our young learners. Our educational philosophy extends beyond academic excellence to encompass the holistic development of each child. We are dedicated to nurturing various skills and abilities during the crucial early years, ensuring that children have a strong foundation for future success.

Fine Motor Skills:
Fine motor skills are cultivated through activities that enhance hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and pencil grip. These skills are essential for tasks like writing, drawing, and using tools effectively.

Gross Motor Skills:
Physical activity is integrated into our curriculum to develop gross motor skills. Outdoor play, sports, and group activities help children build strength, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Social Skills:
We believe that social development is vital. Through cooperative play, group projects, and interactive learning, children learn to share, collaborate, and communicate effectively. They develop empathy, respect for others, and a strong sense of belonging within their peer group.

Emotional Skills:
Preschoolers explore and understand their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. We teach them how to express their feelings, manage emotions, and build resilience. This emotional intelligence lays a solid foundation for healthy relationships and personal well-being.

Cognitive and Problem-Solving Skills:
Critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities are nurtured through activities that encourage children to ask questions, explore possibilities, and find solutions independently. We celebrate their curiosity and encourage them to think outside the box.

Independence and Self-Help Skills:
Preschoolers gradually learn to take care of themselves, from dressing and feeding to organizing their belongings. These self-help skills foster independence and a sense of responsibility.

Cultural and Global Awareness:
We expose children to diverse cultures, customs, and perspectives, promoting tolerance and respect for differences. This global awareness is essential in our interconnected world.

Artistic and Creative Expression:
Creativity is encouraged through various forms of art, music, and drama. Children explore their imagination and express themselves freely, enhancing their creativity and self-confidence.

Our dedicated team of educators and carefully crafted curriculum ensure that each child receives individualized attention and guidance to support their unique development journey. We believe that by fostering these skills, we are equipping our preschoolers with the tools they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, setting the stage for a promising future.