The school has strict guidelines on what is allowed to be brought to school. Wearing nail polish and jewelry is not allowed and students are prohibited from carrying large sums of money and bringing expensive items to school.

Furthermore, mobile phones are prohibited in school and students carrying them may have their phones confiscated. The policy suggests that emergency calls can be made from the front desk, which indicates that the school has an alternative communication method in case of emergencies.

It’s essential for students and their parents or guardians to be aware of the school policy and follow it accordingly to avoid any disciplinary action. If a student needs to bring an expensive item to school for a valid reason, they should seek the permission of the Section Head to make appropriate arrangements.


At LGS, we strongly emphasize the importance of punctuality and regularity among our students. We believe that these qualities are key to achieving success both in the classroom and in practical life.

Discipline and accountability are two important values that we uphold at LGS. We believe that by instilling discipline and holding our students accountable for their actions, we are preparing them for a successful future.

Students who arrive late or miss class altogether are not only missing out on valuable instruction time but they are also disrupting the learning process for their classmates.

We believe that every student has the potential for personal success. By being punctual and regular in attendance, students are able to fully engage in their education and make the most of their presence in the classroom.

We understand that there may be times when students are unable to attend school due to illness or other circumstances. In these situations, we ask that parents or guardians to notify the school as soon as possible so that we can work together to ensure that the student does not fall behind in studies.


If a child is absent from school for even a day, a medical certificate and a note of excuse must be provided. Missed work must be covered at home. Any assessed school work during the absence will be ungraded. There will be no re-testing unless there is a valid medical reason.

Assessments are held throughout the academic year. Students who have approved absence will be entitled to average marks.

Approved absence will include:

  • Medical absence (medical certificate to be provided by a doctor)
  • Sudden bereavement of a close relative
  • Accident
  • Or any other untoward happening (at the discretion of the office)