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Spreading Kindness and Feeding the Birds! 🌸🦜 Check out Grade III students at Lahore Grammar School as they create beautiful bird feeders with love and compassion.

14 August Celebration

Students enthusiastically engaged in an invigorating early morning routine that sets a positive tone for the day ahead and prepares them for effective learning.

Sworn in & ready to lead 📜✋
Empowering new voices. Here’s to a year of leadership, commitment, and change.

Engaging students’ minds with strategic board games like Tic Tac Toe, Chess and Puzzles. Witness our young prodigies conquer the game board with smart moves.  

Hair-raising Fun at Preschool! Behold the most creative and adorable hairdos for Crazy Hair Day!  

From unicorn manes to spiky masterpieces, Preschoolers show off their creativity on Crazy Hair Day!

LGS Goes Green!

“Fueling Future Entrepreneurs: Lahore Grammar School O’Level students embrace the art of business at Second Cup Coffee Internship, guided by the expertise of our alumnus Saad Fecto, proud owner of this thriving franchise”  

Grade II students embraced creativity and sustainability through our ‘LGS Goes Green’ initiative! Check out their vibrant tote bag paintings, where art meets eco-consciousness.   

Grade 1 Scientists Testing the Waters: Sink and Float Exploration!   

Capturing the love that knows no bounds on this Mother’s Day poetry recital by Grade II  

Summer vibes in full swing! Kids splashing, giggling, and enjoying refreshing treats. 

Watch the joy unfold as Nursery children had a splashing good time at our unforgettable Splash Day! 

Our Playgroup Splash Day was a splashing success! From exciting water games to tasty popsicles, our students had an absolute blast.        

Annual Award Ceremony
Grades III – IX

Junior Section Rising Stars Showcase Preschool – Grade I & II

“Who says school cafeterias have to be boring? Senior school art students and teacher added their own personal touch to our canteen with a fresh coat of paint, transforming it into an inspiring and inviting space for everyone. A splash of color can make all the difference

Cloth Bag Paintings!

“Grade IX students at Senior School take a step towards sustainability with their vibrant cloth bag paintingsJoin us in the green movement and say goodbye to plastic bags for good!

“Attitude determines your direction in life. Gratitude keeps you moving forward with purpose and appreciation.”

Grade 6B creating beautiful bookmarks. 

Continuing Personal and Professional Learning – CPPL

A perfect blend of fun and learning!

Happy Labour Day

Owl’s Play cafe!

Our little ones of Prep had a blast at the Owl’s Play cafe! From the morning excitement to the joyful bus ride, it was a day filled with fun and frolic with lots of yummy food! We love preparing our children for days like these, and seeing the smiles on their faces makes it all worth it!

LGS Open House

“Experience the brilliance of Senior School Students at LGS Open House: A Showcase of their creative talents*

Nursery Circus

Step right up and see the amazing creations from our little magicians from Nursery! With the clown’s visit and a day full of fun and laughter, our circus-themed day was truly magical. 


Teachers of LGS attended a digital workshop conducted by Ms. Rabeel. The session was informative, and the teachers gained valuable insights into how they can make the most of the remaining time of the year.

Our Nursery 

“Learning to count has never been more fun! Our Nursery class had a blast today practicing their numbers with these engaging activities. Watch their skills grow with each and every number!”

Farewell 2023

“Amidst tears and goodbyes, we bid farewell to the class of 2023.Here’s to the end of one chapter and the beginning of an epic journey ahead.”

Playgroup’s Field Trip to The Owl’s Nest Play Cafe 

Exploring the World of Play and Learning! Our Preschoolers had a hoot of a time during their field trip to the Owl’s Nest Play Cafe!

Fun-filled Maths & Add-Maths

“Unlock the power of numbers with expert guidance and innovative teaching methods”.Sir Abdul Wahid’s engaging and fun-filled Maths & Add-Maths lessons at senior school.

Open House ’23

Concept : Time 

Interactive activity by Prep

Declamation Day ’23 

Grade IV

Earth Hour 2023

Gymnastic Display for Open House 

Grade IV

Lahore Grammar School Karachi is proud of our Students to have achieved academic excellence in O’Level throughout the years.

Pi Day Celebrated  

Pi Day celebrated by Grade VII with a creative presentation during the morning Assembly

Steam Flyer