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Registration, Security & Admission

All students seeking admission at LGS branches of LGS must register in advance . Date foir entrance test and interview is intimated later by telephone / sms / registered post. Both parents are required to be present for the interview along with their child.

Fees/Dues & Clearance Certificate

Tuition fee is charged on quarterly basis. Fees must be cleared by the 15th of every new Quarter within the stipulated period.
Students apperaring for O Level examination are required to deposit the fee for May - June CIE in January.
Due to inflation and other related factors, LGS may, at its option, increase the fee, tentatively by 12 to 18% at the end of each academic year.

Fees/Deposit & Withdrawal

Please note that payment of all fee should be made through specified banks. Payment of fees made in any other manner shall not constitute payment and LGS shall not be responsible for payments made or claimed to have been made in any manner other than the specified bank.
Fee must be deposited in full for refund of Security Deposit and School Leaving Certificate, on the withdrawal of a child.


All students are expected to be regular and punctual. A student must apply for leave before absence from school. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be submitted. It is mandatory to be present on the 1st and last day of the Academic Session.

Indentity Cards

To ensure your childs security, ID cards to all newly admitted students will be issued, If a parent / driver comes to pick up a child without an ID card a fine will be charged.
Should an ID card be misplaced, a duplicate will be issued on a written application from the parents only.


Tests are held on a regular basis to enable teachers to assess the students progress and understanding of lessons. We try to keep these informal, stress free and incourage reinforcement of concepts on a daily basis. From Grade I students promotion is based on class performance, class assessments, monthly tests & term tests. From Class VI upwards students are promoted on assessment of biannual examinations.

Uniform available at Ghani Sons

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Books available at Books & Books

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