Enrichment Programme


At Lahore Grammar School, we have made a steadfast commitment to delivering an education that transcends the boundaries of academics. Our enrichment program stands as a testament to this commitment, placing a profound emphasis on nurturing students’ personalities and bolstering their self-assurance. This holistic pedagogical approach guarantees that our students receive an education that encompasses a plethora of activities and experiences, all of which are paramount for their comprehensive growth and development.
Within our meticulously curated enrichment program, a rich tapestry of activities awaits our students .

At LGS , we firmly uphold the belief that a comprehensive education is the cornerstone of achievement in the modern world. Our enrichment program offers an array of experiences and activities that are indispensable for students’ holistic development, ensuring your child’s journey towards becoming a confident, well-rounded individual.



Within the confines of our school library lies a treasury of knowledge, granting students access to a vast array of books, journals, and digital resources. It is a sanctuary where the love for reading and learning is nurtured.

CDT - Craft, Design, and Technology:

Our CDT classes are laboratories of creativity and practicality, where students unleash their innovation and craftsmanship, engaging in various design projects , allowing them to create with a diverse range of of materials and techniques.

Rhythm and Movement:

These activities are instrumental in fostering physical fitness and fine-tuning motor skills, making exercise a joyful and productive experience.

Sports and Physical Education:

Our sports and physical education programme champions an active and health-conscious lifestyle, that imparts essential values of  teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.


These classes promote physical fitness, flexibility, and the graceful mastery of one’s body, instilling both strength and poise.



Beyond physical strength and self-defense skills, this martial art teaches students discipline, respect, and self-control.


Our yoga program adopts a holistic approach to students’ well-being, cultivating mindfulness, physical wellness, and inner serenity.


The realm of music unfolds before our students, allowing them to explore melodies, rhythms, and their own musical talents, nurturing a deep appreciation for the art of sound.