Welcome to Lahore Grammar School- Preschool Section, where we believe in fostering a love for learning and nurturing young minds.

Our curriculum, thoughtfully aligned with the UK National Curriculum, is designed to provide a strong educational foundation in literacy, numeracy, and science exploration while embracing the joys of thematic learning, social development, and physical growth.

Literacy: Our curriculum focuses on developing essential literacy skills, including phonemic awareness, vocabulary enrichment, reading readiness, and creative expression.

Numeracy: We understand the importance of early numeracy skills and provide guidance in counting, number recognition, fundamental operations, and problem-solving.

Science Exploration: Curiosity is the cornerstone of scientific exploration, and our curriculum nurtures this curiosity through exploration, hands-on experiments, understanding the natural world, and scientific inquiry.

Thematic Units: Our curriculum is organized into thematic units, with each term centered around an engaging theme. Thematic learning enhances education by connecting various subjects and providing context for new knowledge.

Social and Physical Development: We recognize the significance of holistic development and support social skills, physical activity, and independence.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Our curriculum dedicates attention to fine motor skills, essential for tasks like handwriting, and gross motor skills, developed through physical activities and play.


At the Playgroup level, we introduce our young learners to the exciting world of literacy. Our objectives include: Fostering a love for books and reading through engaging storytelling sessions.
Developing pre-reading skills, including recognizing letters and their sounds.
Encouraging early vocabulary development through conversations and activities.
Nurturing listening skills to enhance comprehension and language acquisition.


In Nursery, we continue to build strong literacy foundations by:

Advancing phonics awareness and beginning reading readiness.
Introducing early writing skills, including forming letters and writing their names.
Expanding vocabulary and encouraging verbal expression through storytelling and discussions.
Cultivating a love for stories and books by exploring a variety of literary genres.


In Prep, we aim to fully prepare your child for future literacy challenges by:

Enhancing reading fluency and comprehension skills.
Advancing writing abilities, including sentence formation and creative expression.
Developing critical thinking skills through analyzing texts and drawing conclusions.
Encouraging independent reading and exploring various literary genres.


In Numeracy, our Playgroup students will:

Explore basic numerals and their meanings through interactive games and exercises.
Begin counting and recognizing numbers in their daily routines.
Develop foundational mathematical concepts, such as shapes and patterns, through play-based activities.
Foster a curiosity for math by integrating it into fun, age-appropriate tasks.


Numeracy in Nursery includes:

Progressing from basic counting to more complex mathematical concepts.
Introducing simple addition and subtraction through practical activities.
Recognizing and understanding mathematical symbols and representations.
Developing critical thinking skills by solving age-appropriate math problems.


Numeracy in Prep becomes more comprehensive with:

Advancing mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Introducing multiplication and division concepts.
Mastering mathematical operations and applications in real-life situations.
Developing mathematical reasoning and logic through challenging activities.

Science Exploration:

Science Exploration in Playgroup focuses on:

Encouraging curiosity about the world around them through hands-on experiments and observations.
Developing basic understanding of natural phenomena like weather, plants, and animals.
Nurturing an appreciation for the environment and its importance.
Promoting scientific thinking and problem-solving skills through exploration.

Science Exploration:

At the Nursery level, Science Exploration focuses on:

Expanding scientific knowledge by exploring topics like seasons, habitats, and the human body.
Encouraging hands-on experiments to foster a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.
Nurturing observation skills to make connections between cause and effect.
Promoting inquiry-based learning through guided investigations.

Science Exploration:

Science Exploration in Prep involves:

Delving deeper into scientific principles and concepts.
Conducting more complex experiments and investigations.
Encouraging critical thinking and hypothesis testing.
Promoting scientific inquiry and a passion for discovering the world.